Chad & Vicki

...Vicki & I just wanted to say thanks for all your help in selling our house. We are anxious to start building our "dream home". We will certainly pass on your name when given the opportunity. Again thanks,

Jeannie, Realtor

...What a pleasure to work with you... I look forward to working with you again very soon. If other agents were half as pleasant to work with, this business would be a "piece of cake". Thanks for your professionalism and great attitude. Fondly, Jeannie


...As I sit in my beautiful new home, I want you to know how grateful I am for all your hard work in getting me here! Sincerely,

Jeff Costello

We met with several realtors before choosing you, Kath. Virtually, every other realtor we met with seemed unexcited aobut our beautiful lae view & some even told us that it wouldn't add to the value of the home. You saw the view as the tremendous sales benefit & your instincts were correct. In less than three weeks, we had almost 30 showings & 2 contract offers. We got the price that we wanted, & as a bonus, we were thrilled that you were able to negotiate us getting to lease our home back until our new home was done. We heartily recommend you to anyone. Warmest Regards,

Steve & Stacy Dufresne

Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for the effort & hard work you did in order to make our dreams become a reality with the purchase of our home. We will be sure to recommend you, and look forward to working with you in the future.

Molly & Jeff French

Thank you so much for all your hard work. You have made this process much easier. I also am grateful for your patience and understanding. We will definitely remommend you to our friends.

Clanton & Sharon - Bridlewood

Dear Kurt and Kathy, 

 In 2004 after speaking with a lot of realtors I met Kathy and it was so stressful until I met with her and she calmly steered me through the process listening and only advising when I asked for it.  Kathy has so many years of realtor wisdom and it showed as she understands the market and all that goes with buying and selling.  The really cool thing was how she made sure she had our needs foremost, but when a buyer was found she bridged a large gap and made everyone come together and leave pleased with the outcome.  After a few weeks of showing she would calmly give me feedback and instruct me and sure enough over spring break we sold it and had two other offers come in also. 

 Fast forward to 2006 and we got Kurt and Kathy.  What a bargain they treated me like family and really made a very difficult time bearable and really carried me through.  Kurt has a wonderful eye and can make everything look better including realtor signs.  He brings a fresh builder aspect to the side with ideas of the way a guys thinks and he is able to really see some selling aspects that women don’t think of.  My web page was so fabulous, his attention to detail is very rare in the realty field.  Kathy once again came into my home offering suggestions that I had never thought of and really giving above and beyond,  all the while making it seem effortless so as not to stress me out.  Kathy is always willing to think outside the box and say let me think on that for a day until she has an idea that would fit the situation.  I would call her and she always would call me back with a couple of alternatives.  This time around I was sensitive about comments to my house and she gently reminded me that it was fabulous, but the right buyer has to come along and to give it time.  Of course by the time we had a buyer God revealed we were to stay here for now and like always Kurt and Kathy were happy for us and said they would be here for us.  This is a realty team that is all class and their actions speak louder that words and why we will always use them for our realty needs. They are truly an incredible team that I pray will be rewarded as they choose to live their life as a testimony.  Thanks to Kurt and Kathy Kiefer for blessing our lives....


Clanton and Sharon